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Home Sweet Home
by Michael Ohr
November 21, 2008
Being one of the best pro golfers in the world can bring with it some perks, but it can also involve a demanding schedule.

So it's a welcome relief whenever K.J. Choi can find time to visit his native home South Korea and just relax and take a break from playing golf.

Choi is a hometown hero in South Korea for not only his success in golf but also his philanthropic efforts around the world, especially in Korea.

(Photo/Yonhap News)
K.J. Choi signs autographs at
a Lotte Department store in Seoul.

K.J. Choi Interview
November 19, 2008

During the week, K.J. took time to answer some questions during a press conference. Here is a Q&A excerpt from his interview.

Q: What is your remaining season schedule?

A: After this event, I'm going to play skins game next Friday in California. So far, no Korean golfer has ever participated in the PGA tour skins game. I'll be the first to play the game. LG will participate as a sponsor. After that there are a few games remaining in this season, but I will fly directly to South Africa from Los Angeles. I accepted an invitation to the Nedbank Golf Challenge. I have decided to play whenever opportunity arises. Four years ago, I declined the invitation once, but I think it is better to accept than refuse. I don't feel much of burden of playing there but you never know it's win/lose kind of competitive game.

Q: Looking back this year?

Lack of exercise and over practice were the main causes o some injuries. And during the course of changing my swing, I got some uncomfortable feelings. However, it has settled down, and now I would like to get ready for the new season. Because it was a one-win season (2008 Sony Open) this year for me, it didn't please the fans much, but to me it was a satisfying year.

Q: What is the meaning of sharing and donating?

A: To this day, I have never thought I golfed alone. I had friends when I left Korea for America, and they were strength to my life in the United States. What I have learnt from them was to humble myself always. The teaching of humbleness carved in my mind. It is my constancy. I don't believe I've gone especially fast. Normal, but steadily toward my goal. I haven't given out much in comparison with received. I would like to see my foundation widely open to many volunteers working together to achieve its good cause which beneficial to children and Communities.

Q: What wiil your foundation do in the future?

A: It will be developed in three main projects. The most important of all is to let children to have a dream of prosperity. Secondly, through class instruction, ultimately expand facilities to a physical compound to train them not only to be physically strong but also to build their mental endurance. Thirdly, I would like to set up golf classes to share my experiences with them. It will lead to golf competitions among various communities in the region.





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