I am truly honored to see how my vision to create a better future for children has grown to be my foundation. Golf should be a sport played and enjoyed by everyone in the world. It is not only a sport, but an important way of life that teaches us patience, focus, perseverance, and wisdom. It brings pain to my heart to see a child's dream to play golf be hindered by welfare and disabilities. Coming from humble beginnings myself, I know how difficult it can be to overcome the hardships of this world alone, but with the help of my elders Phee Hong Bae and Yeo Myung Hyung, I overcame those hardships. Like those that helped me, it is my life goal to help the children around me. However important golf may be, education will always come first. In order to ensure our children receive a college education, my foundation gives scholarships to less fortunate students. I am so proud of what I have accomplished, but in the end, none of it could have been done without your help. Every donation, every partnership, and every outreached hand has blazed a trail for my foundation to grow. I thank you in every way possible.

Thank you.

Chairman KJ Choi


We seek to achieve the Global Dream that begins with the happiness of children. Guided by the vision for our children and youth, the first Korean PGA professional golfer KJ Choi established the KJ Choi Foundation with the help of other community leaders. The KJ Dream Scholarship and the KJ Junior Golfer Program are opportunities available to the foundation youth to support the dreams and hopes of children and young adults who are less fortunate.

Mission Statement

The KJ Choi Foundation will contribute in the bringing up of talents of our youth who will develop our society and lead a happy future by providing the opportunities and education for the dreams and hopes of the children.

Core Values

Establishment Motto

For the happiness of children, the communities that we live in, and for all of our future.


KJ trains and develops dream golfers with his professional expertise to fulfill their dreams of playing professional golf.


The KJ Choi Foundation fosters those who are dreaming to follow the footsteps of KJ Choi and have love for the game. We will organize and plan the KJ Junior Golf Team to nurture those who aim to contribute to the development and spread of golf in South Korea.


Develop a Dream Junior Golf Team and uphold the KJ Choi Golf Academy.


Please email us at kjchoifoundation@kjchoi.com to place your bid. We will not send the item until the winning price has been donated through paypal.

Signed SK Telecom Visor

Item Number: C01213

Starting Price: $30

Current Price: $50

Buy Price: $130

Auction Deadline: January 31, 2014

Number of Bids: 2

3 Signed Srixon Z-Star Golfballs

Item Number: B01213

Starting Price: $10

Current Price: $15

Buy Price: $50

Auction Deadline: January 31, 2014

Number of Bids: 1

Used 3-Wood Signed Headcover

Item Number: H01213

Starting Price: $50

Current Price: $50

Buy Price: $150

Auction Deadline: January 31, 2014

Number of Bids: 1



Contact: david@kjchoi.com